• Just recently signed with two agents at the remarkable Prestige Talent Agency!

  • Monokl Photoshoot

    Click Here to check out the photos 

    and click Here to check out Monokl's Look Book

    I had the wonderful opportunity to work again with the brilliant Bryan Yunie on a photoshoot for the new clothing line from Monokl Clothing. It was a pleasure to say the least. 

    Check out Bryan, he just shot a couple weddings, which look remarkable.


    Definitely check out Monokl Clothing. Great fit and style. Plus you get your items delivered to you in a fancy canvas drawstring backpack. 

  • Mr. Steve Lee Everybody

    My good friend Steve Lee, managed to snag, and very beautifully so, a couple of photos during the photoshoot yesterday for Monokl Clothing. More info to come soon! Until then, check out Steve and Monokl Clothing.


  • Photo Shoot with Bryan Yunie

    Click here

    to check out this recent photo shoot I did with the spectacular Photographer Bryan Yunie. He also has another business called Canvas Love , where he can throw an image of yours onto a canvas frame and ship it out to you; really awesome stuff. I had a blast shooting with Bryan, so I reccomend you check out his other work. Enjoy.

  • The Fosters

    Check out the episode "Things Unsaid" of The Fosters on ABC Family this Monday night at 9pm. I have a small co-star role on the episode.